Impacts of moving to a new place

In global technology today, we are moving from one place to another. The place plays a crucial role in a human’s socioeconomic and psychological condition. The aim is to know the person’s socioeconomic and physiological impact when moving to a new place. So, a survey on a person was conducted who has recently shifted to a new place. The questionnaire consisted of ten questions which were directly raised on moving to a new place. With the responses provided, it can be stated that there are many changes taking place while we shift to a new place.

The person who I have reviewed, mainly shifted to this new location in order to better environment conditions. The fact is that he finds a better means of transport- public transport, people are social, friendly, and take initiatives to help. It can be claimed that he is socially and psychologically happy and satisfied at this new location. In the survey, the person has claimed the place to be cheaper, goods and services are easily available and cheaper. In practice, when he comes back home, he has mentioned that going to club and playing sports makes him feel rejuvenated, impacts on his physical fitness and emotionally as well.

All in all, a place plays an important role in a person’s life and impacts a person to the most socioeconomically and emotionally. This all increases a person’s life longevity.